Louisiana Sinkhole’s Explosive Potential Massively Understated!


Louisiana Sinkhole’s Explosive Potential Massively Understated!



The various threats all of us are facing posed by the mammoth issues in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, are spinning completely out of control. The consequences are far reaching, phenomenal, and highly volatile.

Instead of weaving this update one into another…this time I shall take it one area at a time, this time focusing on just the Napoleonville “Sinkhole”. If any doubt the veracity of any of the claims I make, please rest assured a link will be provided for each and every salient point, normally by scientific entreaties, video, or news sources, as well as the usual authorities.


Much has happened since my last article. The so-called “sinkhole” has now grown to over eight football fields in size with daily seismic activity. Although close to 85, 000 gallons of oil have been removed from the surface of the lake it has become, the water is still slick black with oil.

The flyovers show us that the surrounding swamp water has invaded and is overflowing the sinkhole contaminating the surrounding swamps, as well as methane invading both the Louisiana and Mississippi Aquifers. Several wells have been drilled in an attempt to flare off the methane, but most clogged, and one well being drilled into the cap rock of the Salt Dome was shut down when Hydrogen Sulfide was discovered the day before Thanksgiving.


The bottom of the “sinkhole” has risen over fifty feet, indicating a sub-pressure gas or fluid.

This is born out by the Itasca Consulting Group;

“Dr. Will Pettitt, Principal Geophysicist at Itasca Consulting Group, has reviewed the seismic data recorded overnight on November 20/21. Long-period seismic tremors and micro-earthquakes have been observed, similar to those defined previously by Dr. Steve Horton of CERI/USGS, and recorded mainly on station LA08 closest to the sinkhole. The long-period seismic tremors are postulated to be caused by gas and/or fluid movements through the rock collapse zone below the sinkhole on the edge of the salt dome. Micro-earthquakes of this nature are typically associated with small-scale rock movements, and again are believed to be occurring in the collapse zone. The source of both of these event types continues to be investigated by experts.”


It has also been found that this is not the first time residents of Bayou Corne have had to be evacuated due to escaping gases.

Magnolia, Grand Bayou, south Louisiana (USA)

“The Magnolia Facility operating at the salt dome is located in a sparsely populated area at Napoleonville, about two miles from Grand Bayou, south Louisiana. In 2003, a cavern gas storage facility was constructed in the dome, operated by Entergy Koch/Gulf South. On Christmas Eve/Day 2003, only six weeks after operations began at the facility, around 30 people were forced from their homes by a natural gas (Methane) leak that led to the release of about 9.9 Mcm of gas in a matter of hours.

Investigations revealed that the gas escaped from a crack in the casing of a well near the top of a cavern, some 440 m (1,450 ft) below the surface. It was eventually plugged at a point below the crack and thirty-six other wells were drilled in the area to monitor and control the release of leaked gas that was bubbling up from underground. They removed 375 million cubic feet of gas before they were shut down in 2004.”

Then on August 11th, 2010, while the BP debacle was still ongoing, Assumption Parish was dealt a blow as well, when an Oil Well Blowout Preventer, (sound familiar?), malfunctioned and shot oil over 200 ft. high over a sugar cane field and closed down Hwy. 70 for over three weeks before it was brought under control. Video is here:


Overlooked is the amount of Parish’s that report methane bubbling all around them, as twenty eight bubbling sites associated with giant sinkhole. Authorities also are testing air releases from three new bubble sites found in recent weeks farther west toward Pierre Part and beyond any of the 25 other bubble locations in the general vicinity of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou.

One far flung Parish is also experiencing similar bubbling that was a precursor of Assumption Parish’s sinkhole is Lake Piegneur, fifty miles away, which was also the site of a Salt Dome and Mine disaster all it’s own in 1980, when the fresh water lake was sucked down into a salt mine, and replaced with a salt water lake after an Texaco oil drilling rig punctured the salt dome being mined. Even after such a disaster, and since 1994 AGL Resources has been using Lake Peigneur’s underlying salt dome as a Storage and Hub facility for pressurized natural gas. Efforts by the residents to stop the current expansion of the salt dome so far has fallen on deaf ears. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s mainly.


Salt Mines disasters are not a new occurrence, but the one in Napoleonville is on a scale previously unknown. 

List of Salt Dome Disasters

Yaggy                Hutchison, Kan.   Natural Gas    Jan. ’01     Fire and Explosion                Casing Failure

Brenham            Brenham, Texas      LPG            April ’92    Fire and Explosion                Valve Failure

Mont Belvieu      Mont Belvieu,Texas   LPG          Nov. ’85     Fire and Explosion               Casing Failure

Mont Belvieu      Mont Belvieu,Texas LPG            1980          Fire and Explosion               Casing Failure

West Hackberry      South La.              Oil             Sep. ’78     Fire                          Packer Failure

Moss Bluff              Liberty, Texas      Natural Gas    Aug. ’04     Fire and Explosion               Valve Failure

Magnolia         Napoleonville, La.   Natural Gas        Dec. ’03    Gas Leak and Evacuation      Casing Failure

Stratton Ridge   Freeport, Texas   Natural Gas         1990s                Cavern Failure/Abandonment Leak- Failed MIT

Mont Belvieu   Mont Belvieu,Texas   LPG                  Oct. ’84      Fire and Explosion              Casing Failure

Eminence       Eminence, Miss.    Natural Gas          April ’72       Loss of Storage Capacity     Salt Creep

Source: Falcon Gas Storage Co. http://www.falcongasstorage.com/_filelib/FileCabinet/Articles/artic

Also, data has been obtained towards just what is in all those caverns under the Napoleonville Salt Dome, Magnolia Facility via industry websites and a report handed in to Department of Natural Resources, Louisiana. The results were beyond chilling.


Crosstex is not the only source of the Butane at the Magnolia facility, with K/D/S Promix holding butane with a cavern capacity of 1,660,788 Million Barrels, and another storage cavern of iso-butane with a capacity of 1,372,759 Million Barrels. Dow Storage has Ethane/Propane with a potential capacity 9,266,456 BBls. Ethane is three times more flammable than Butane. What really is disturbing is what is kept within one cavern and that is LPG with a potential storage capacity of 1,451,107 BBls.

Why is this disturbing?

According to K/D/S Promix’s Tony Russell, “
“Promix operates a total of 5 wells with 3 of the five being used on a daily basis for the storage and withdrawal of produced liquid hydrocarbon products from the fractionation of natural gas liquids. The other two are empty of hydrocarbons, but full of saturated brine water and are continuously monitored.”

According to Natural Gas. Org;

“Whatever the source of the natural gas, once separated from crude oil (if present) it commonly exists in mixtures with other hydrocarbons; principally ethane, propane, butane, and pentanes. In addition, raw natural gas contains water vapor, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, and other compounds. To learn about the basics of natural gas, including its composition, click here.”

This is what is stored under the Napoleonville Salt Dome by K/D/S/Promix and Dow Chemical, as well as Gulf South Pipeline, LP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy/Koch LP.

These companies are admitting they have so much worse than Butane stored at Magnolia, (NPVL). Ethane is 3 times more energetic, and flammable than Methane, Butane, or Propane. HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE!

Also Propylene is used in plastics, paints, etc. and is highly explosive at the concentrations that exist in the cavern, and if it reaches the surface water then all vegetation and critters it touches will die. Although Dow refuses to test for water toxicity, it does give a good overview here:


Now to add insult to injury, The Dept. of Health and Hospitals acknowledges the well water samples taken in Bayou Corne in September showed:





Total Dissolved Solids


Tentatively Identified Compounds






Seems like a coincidence that the exact same chemicals that are housed in the Salt Caverns are precisely what are detected in the Industrial Well waters. The scary part is that Dow’s caverns are mostly on the East Side of the dome.

I personally don’t believe all of the caverns are separated anymore. All the “earthquakes” are nothing more than the cavern walls breaching, one by one, and all hydrocarbons are now intermixed again into who knows what concoctions, and is being caused by methane migration coming up through the Miocene shale from the Gulf of Mexico, and the Macondo blast site.

I will leave you with this, since so many want to know how explosive this can be. The PepCon explosion was 3.5 on the Richter scale. This is tiny compared to what is stored at Napoleonville, and in just one pipeline leading away from the wellheads..

That will be my segue into Part II, where many more shocking surprises await us back again in the Gulf of Mexico.

Acknowledgements: I want to thank the webmaster of Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle for his help with this article. His site can be found at: http://lasinkhole.wordpress.com/

Mirror Site for this article is at: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/original-content-louisiana-sinkhole-s-explosive-potential


32 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole’s Explosive Potential Massively Understated!

      • I can only put all of this together as quick as I can. I do not make a dime and can’t even afford to pay WordPress for extras, or I would make this my career. I do what I do for free with no resources. I know I should beg for donations, but isn’t in my nature. I will resist doing so as long as I can. Otherwise, I write only in my spare time. Thanks to all for reading, because I truly care about the people being affected by the greed of Big Corporations.

    • Please read the website earthquakes nov 8 2012 americas destruction video oct 30 2012 pages and pages of information Thank you and please pass this along to everyone you know

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  2. What is the estimated blast radius if this sinkhole were to explode? I have seen it mentioned that it could encompass a 500 mile radius. If so, that would include large cities such as Dallas TX, Houston, TX , Little Rock AR, Tulsa, OK, Memphis, TN, Jackson, MS…just to name a few!

    • This is almost impossible to estimate. It has never happened before. It came very close at Weeks Island, which is explained in Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico. Doomsday?, and PART II. The very best estimate I can give is about the explosive force of the Pepcon explosion times 2000.

  3. If all this goes kaboom, what are the effects? Not looking for chain reaction stuff just from the impact of the explosion on surface … who will feel/see? Who will have immediate impact? How big of a crater?

    • Mr. Stevens. The danger to the community from the Salt Dome is mainly from chemical poisoning, gas releases, and ground water contamination. This is not to say an explosion could not happen if the Cap Rock cracks and allows oxygen to enter the caverns, but not a true concern right at present. The danger is the Pipelines. This whole area is criss crossed with 3100 miles of natural gas and propane, not to mention that Gulf South has linked together their storage caverns at Magnolia to the Bistineau Salt Dome which also houses the same chemicals as Magnolia does. Can no one see just the hazards of earthquakes on these wellheads and pipelines with open flaring all around? Just one mistake…..

      • Please look at website earthquakes nov 8 2012 americas destruction video oct 30 2012 posted by GeronimoApache pages and pages of information Please pass this along to everyone you know Thank You

      • Why do you continually focus on butane, Thad? What is it with this fascination? Do you have any idea of the properties of Ethane? Iso-Butane, Propylene, or even simple Natural Gas (Methane)? What worries me and any thinking being is the WELLHEADS and the PIPELINES leading away from the CAVERNS, especially with the amount of seismic activity, which is clearly the throat of the plug clearing itself! Sooner or later, the blockage will be explosively cleared, and not just a burp like today, which has earned a reprieve for now, but massively so, and this is only put off till a later time. You cannot be this ignorant, sir! Read what you replied to, preferrably before commenting!

  4. On September 11, 2001 I was yelling at the top of my lungs at every one and any one that could here me that I saw the earth break open at that precise location. I was calling radio shows and 911 dispatch. I was thrown into a home for the mentally insane. I was in there for two years. I finally goy out and I no longer tell anyone, except for this one time. I was standing on the highway next to this location. Yes I was a transient and sometimes I did smoke a crack pipe. Anyway, on this day I was lucid. I was not drunk, or high. I saw a great dragon fall from the sky and he fell straight into the earth at that precise moment that the towers were being hit. I saw the earth open and swallow the dragon. I knew then that we were headed for times like never before. My only mistake was to think that it would happen immediately. I did not stop to think that it needed time for that beast to hit the bottom and get his army ready. I stood on the side of that road and yelled and screamed and told everyone passing what had happened. No one believed me due to the fact that I was disheveled and I had not taken a shower in a long time. Everyone thought I was a drunk, and rightly so, I was. For my obsesiveness of what I had seen and the fact that I was not drunk or high at the time I was taken into custody and I spent time in the local jail. From there I was transported to a home for the mentally insane, of wich I am not. I told everyone there what I had seen and no one believed me, except for a few local locos that were in there with me. I believe that the abyss is about to open and the demon dragon that I saw fall from the sky will come out of there and he will bring his demon spawn with him. I believe that the end of this world as we know it is near. God help us!

    • Sorry to hear of all your problems and hope they have gotten better. Many people report seeing future visions when using drugs, such as LSD, and others. I do not believe it is the end of the world, but as we know it, then I would have to agree. Thanks for visiting and come back again. More to come.

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    • TYVM Greg and something will in one form or another. Dow and Koch Brothers are doing all they can not to have a National Emergency declared, but truth is…it’s passed that watermark a while back. Still money talks, and USA INC. walks.

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  7. Another excellent piece of work, Freedomrox, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of this disaster. I admire the fact that you are doing this without compensation. Your contribution towards informing the public is greatly appreciated by those of us who live within the potential blast zone. You are an outstanding investigative journalist and as far as I am concerned you deserve a Pulitzer Prize for your outstanding work. As a fellow writer, I fully understand your reluctance to ask for donations, which is honorable, because it means your motivation is not monetary and thus your credibility and integrity in reporting is above reproach.That is very rare today with other media sources…even the very few that are reporting on this. Thank you again from the residents of Louisiana who truly appreciate what you are doing with your wonderful blog.

  8. We stumbled over here from a different page and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to checking out your web page yet again.

  9. FRDX…I/we miss you at EneNews. I visit your site often and I hoped you might have an update on the Bayou Corne sinkhole. What’s you take on this latest article?

    “Hydrogeologist: I’m not kidding, we honestly don’t know what’s going on in cavern below giant sinkhole — “Nobody’s ever encountered anything like this in history of mankind” — World’s top experts don’t even have a good hypothesis — Wellhead pressure now up to almost 600 psi (VIDEO)”

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