As most know by now, an event took place at the Louisiana Sinkhole on November 27, 2012. A “Burp” occurred and sent oil and debris to the surface after a four minute long seismic event.

According to the Assumption Parish Police Jury;

An event occurred at the sinkhole around 11:30 pm today which is being considered as a “burp”.  Vegetative debris and hydrocarbons came up from below the sinkhole.  A few trees in the southwest corner did fall in however most of the debris came from below the sinkhole.  Texas Brine removed all crews from the sinkhole and is checking the boom surrounding the area to make sure everything is in tact.”


Unlike Lake Piegneur, this was not a breach of the actual cavern over a lake. Actually, quite the opposite. This area was bubbling normally with the natural methane creep inherent in any oil field in Assumption Parish, La., every once in a while bubbling to the surface as “swamp gas”, but just after the BP Macondo disaster began a continous flow of methane to fill the lower subsidence areas traveling through the Miocene shale, according to my own research. But if any dispute this assertion, then who could be responsible for the copious amounts of methane that is pressuring the Throat Seep Plug? More on that in a moment.
This was a marsh area subsidence that caved in next to the Napoleonville Salt Dome, whose west side caverns have been breached, (according to Authorities), and water has entered to form a lake from the surrounding swamp water into the subsided (sinkhole) area. What is not explained is how a lake was created, especially if there is a breached cavern capable of holding millions of gallons of liquid, and a 5150 ft. borehole.

This is what I believe actually happened.
All of the land and trees and other materials that have fallen in created a plug approximately at a narrowing of the funnel of the subsidence area at about 650 ft. below the surface of new Lake Oxy 3. Yes, I have named the New Three Month Old Lake, and the obstruction that created it, and sustains it.

The original Texas Brine Drill hole exceeds 5150 ft., but that does not account for the newly formed lake. A drill hole that deep, and then collapsed 550 ft., and now over eight acres wide, would continuously drain for quite a long while, especially if a brine cavern has collapsed. So why is a lake there now?

It is known as a Throat Seep Plug. Seep, because it has allowed crude oil and hydrocarbons to come to the surface of the newly formed lake, while not allowing very much surface water to drain into the bore hole beneath. It is slowly draining water, while also slowly seeping methane and hydrocarbons, (oil), to the top. An equal exchange normally.

Unfortunately at the depths the Texas Brine, LLC. well bore was at, (according to Officials), has somehow allowed access to the Big Hum strata level, hence all the readily available oil. Over 85, 000 gallons has already been skimmed, and recovered, and from the looks of it, another 5,000 gls. is now at the surface and more bottled up below.

Again, the throat seep plug, or to make it easier, try to think of it as a drain that is clogged. Although the throat is clogged, a back pressure caused by methane gas, hydrocarbons, and liquid oil builds up underneath over time to the point the pressure finally blows a tiny part of the plug, (clog), away and a burp is caused. Anyone that has ever used a plunger at the kitchen sink or toilet bowl knows exactly what I am speaking of.

It’s an albeit small back pressure geologically, but is more than enough to pop loose some of the plug and to bring it, (piece of the plug), and other materials to the surface. It also gives an outlet to the oil which is the second engine of pressure from under the dammed up plug. Methane being the first.

Again, I must stress that it has been determined that Big Hum alone cannot possibly account for the high levels of the methane that has spread out over several Parishs now, and which is desperately seeking a release valve. The weakest surface area that is the closest to that methane and hydrocarbon pressure just so happens to be the plugged subsidence area, (i.e.sinkhole, and Lake Oxy 3 above).

With twin sources of motivating power working underneath the plug, then it is only a matter of time before the whole plug is violently expelled and a geyser of methane produced pressure and oil will clear the throat, (like a plumbing drainpipe).

This is actually a very good thing that has happened with this burp, (in the short term), as it postpones the inevitable explosive removal of the subsidence plug. But, this is only a reprieve. Sooner or later, the pressures underneath will clear the plug. A burp will become a belch, until it finally, explosively, regurgitates the contents blocking the throat. Gross, but accurate depiction.

Why would anyone be concerned that a sinkhole may “throw up”?

Because there are wellheads, and pipelines very nearby.

Any more subsidence, seismic disruptions greater than already recorded, or explosive forces could easily rupture anyone of the natural gas, propylene, (DOW), or oil pipelines. Further away, but not by much, we have ethane, butane, and other hydrocarbon pipelines to consider.

Unfortunately, since we know there is a breach in the west wall of the Salt Dome, (who knows what chemicals have mixed underneath the plug, still swelling), and we have a drilling rig fracking at a roughly forty five degree angle on the east side to the west side of the whole salt dome far underneath between five thousand, (turn) and then down another 7500 ft. allowing even more methane to fuel the pressures, then I would not be surprised if the Aussie’s are not indirectly responsible for this…. “

If Grand Gulf had drilled on the West Side, then they actually could have abated the Sinkhole, but since pulling natural gas and oil from the west and to the east and not knowing where their actual Frack “bombs” will be, then I really wonder if they are surprised to find that they are not getting anywhere near as much Methane or oil as expected.

 See, I ran the numbers, and if they are coming up correctly…then to get the amount of gas that is bubbling up everywhere reported in Assumption Parish and Grand Bayou, and the pressure pushing against the plug’s bottom at say 550 to 600 ft, since they (Officials, DHS, Shaw, and Sandia), claim the bottom is at 450 ft., then Texas Brine or someone is lying about how far they drilled.

 Mathematically speaking, if the Big Hum, Cris IV-V, Marg Vag, Cib Haz, etc…. If every single one of them were punctured…then that would account for the amount of methane pressures we have noticed, and been reported. If true, then my methane migration theory of the Gulf of Mexico Miocene shale creep is incorrect, and I would have no problem with new information updating and even demolishing my own theorems. That is what is called “science”. But if I am wrong, then that means someone is lying.

Why you ask?

Because that would require a Texas Brine, LLC. bore hole of at least 9,750 ft. straight down. This is accounting for pockets and for what travels along the shale with the hydrocarbons underneath and west of the Salt Dome. This is also taking into account that there is nothing to limit the North/South migrations.

Either that or the Hecox ‘Frack Out’ was much more explosive than reported, and has blown a hole in the shale downwards over a thousand feet.

Otherwise, there is another source of methane and unknown. The only other one that we may look at other than the Gulf of Mexico Miocene Migration Zone lies only at one place, and from one known drilling source, and that is Golden Gate Petroleum from Australia, and their unnamed and mysterious partner.

 (Click to enlarge)

Now who would possibly be able to drill over 12, 000 ft. and release this amount of methane and hydrocarbons underneath?

Hmmmm. Seems we need to be asking a few questions from our Australian friends, don’t you think?

More as it becomes available….



  1. Good Morning, fcf. Please understand this is extrapolation. Since we cannot get any true, open, and honest answers out of anyone on the ground, then this all we are left to do…but honestly. no official ever explained why or how Lake Oxy 3 even exists. With the facts they have released…then it shouldn’t.

  2. RE: “Why would anyone be concerned that a sinkhole may “throw up”?
    Because there are wellheads, and pipelines very nearby. Any more subsidence, seismic disruptions greater than already recorded, or explosive forces could easily rupture anyone of the natural gas, propylene, (DOW), or oil pipelines. ”
    The nearby highway 70 has several huge pipelines under it. They are on state maps. The maps were taken offline but not before I nabbed them.
    see them at

    Let’s hope they can relieve the pressure before the super-fart!

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  4. ‘T-Rex’ tests sinkhole
    Official says work unsure after well pad evacuated

    “Once lowered to the earth Friday, T-Rex’s hydraulic plate sent a series of seismic waves, or sweeps, toward a 470-foot deep well that was 30 feet away from the truck.

    The waves started at a low frequency and quickly picked up speed, sounding something like a car engine revving from low to high revolutions. From behind the well, mild vibrations could be felt in the earth at the lowest frequencies but they dissipated at the highest frequencies.”

    T-REX used Low Frequency waves that caused the very resonance I warned about and then went into the high frequency range. This is just how you resonate. It is similar to the old wine glass vibrating till it breaks. This was a stupid and very irresponsible thing to employ!
    This on top of using Thumper trucks for the VSP! Are they trying to cause a collapse?

    “Next month, under an agreement with the Louisiana Office of Conservation that ended litigation over testing on the sinkhole, Texas Brine plans to do the most intensive seismic testing of all, 3-D seismic tests across a swath of the Bayou Corne area.

    Expected to deliver a picture 7,000 feet deep, these tests may show whether any feared voids exist underground and the location of oil and gas traps.”

    The Public needs to know how this last test will be performed, and hopefully warn all the residents to leave town the day they do this.

    Texas Brine is gambling with people’s lives, and it should not be allowed to continue!

    • I am not yelling at you in text, but attempting for the fifth time today to see how important that Advocate article is, along with my comments embedded in it.

      The funny little report was just that and not meant to be insulting, just humorous. Sorry if you took it wrong. C’mon, a Flying Cuttlefish being dragged down the street by a dog…that’s funny!

      • I have the t-rex story up.
        I put it up first time you sent it. I am writing my 3rd post on advising ‘ getting out ‘ now ….
        If they won’t leave given info on why they should I can’t do much more ….

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