As most know, I normally do not concern myself with anything other than the larger picture. As a researcher, it is far more likely that I tie together what others do not and in ways that seem a little extreme…that is, until proven correct. “Always let Occam’s Razor be your guide”, was one of the first lessons I ever learned…after “Always eat your vegetables, whether you like it or not!”

But sometimes, you come across something so reprehensible that you must bring yourself down to earth and just report the little things, and allow the chips to fall where they may. Such is my task at this time.

Regarding the Louisiana Sinkhole in Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish, La., there has come to my attention a most corrupt and sickening amount of data that leads me to an inevitable conclusion.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, (DNR), has been complicit in a coverup, and in attempting to hide it’s own culpability in the disasterous results of its own actions, and the catastrophic consequences visited upon the people of Louisiana, especially those of Grand Bayou, (again), and Bayou Corne, as well as anyone else whom may be affected in the future by this Department’s negligence.

When asked for details of the Texas Brine Oxy Geismar #3 cavern size and dimensions, we get all kinds of answers. It’s about the height of two Empire State Buildings, or it is approximately….. but never a straight answer. Only once have we obtained anything near a straight answer, but that was reported by the Advocate, to wit;

“The cavern roof is at 3,400 feet underground, and the cavern extends down to 5,650 feet. The roof is 150 feet across. Its base is 310 feet across.”


That is 2, 250 ft. in height of storage space with a base of 310 ft. across at the bottom, but according to what few diagrams we get, narrower at the top at 150 ft. About 205 ft. mean width. But we do find in the August 13, 2012 permit issued to Texas Brine, LLC from the LDNR, that the top of the Salt Cavern is at approximately 3400 ft. below the surface of the earth. Whew! Glad that is sorted out. Also, from the Advocate we know that the bottom of the cavern is at 5,650 feet, right?



Add the above and you will come up with 4, 850 ft. of piping, that is further away from the original borehole, but this equates roughly to the top of the dome being at 3450-3500 ft. So it seems we are good here. Look Below for the Operational Plan of Oxy Geismar Well #3A.

 TexasBWell3-AThe Operational Plan of Oxy Geismar Well # 3A.


Actual depth of the Salt Cavern as of last Report


It seems that LDNR and Texas Brine knows that the bottom is at 4241 ft. and not 5,650 feet now, (a loss of 1409 ft.), and either something is pushing up the bottom of the Salt Cavern, or is compromised by an outside influence, and have reported it in their documents, so please don’t jump the gun.

“Assumption Parish President Mike Waguespack stated,We knew when they got into the cavern that the bottom had been compromised.”

Waguespack explained that “the bottom obviously had infiltration from somewhere that originally wasn’t there, originally it was brine.” http://www.examiner.com/article/hydrocarbons-breaching-sinkhole-cavern-bottom-oil-75-atop-hole

Of course we all know from the west side it is in the collapsed zone with voids, but there is an unknown force upon the east side as well. But they will not say what, exactly, is the source. Why? Because it is METHANE AND OIL MIGRATION. Why would they not tell us this simple fact? Because it means that everyone involved is LIABLE! PERIOD. EVERYONE!

As everyone knows if they have read my articles that I believe there is a Methane Migration Zone stemming from the April 20, 2010 BP Well Blow Out in the Gulf of Mexico, and I still do believe that it is a firm motivator and engine of destruction in this ongoing saga, but other more local factors exist as well.

But…. It is a well known and established fact that Methane Migration is a REALITY. Allow me to prove this assertion, please.

“Last September, Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon declared to a Philadelphia energy conference that the problem of methane migrating through the ground near natural gas drilling sites had been fixed.  “Problem identified. Problem solved,” he told an industry-heavy crowd at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Nearly a year later,  Bradford County resident Michael Leighton is worried about the flammable gas seeping into his woods.

Leighton lives about a half-mile from a Chesapeake Energy well that Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection suspects leaked methane gas through holes in its casing. For more than two months, gas has been gurgling into creeks and wetlands on Leighton’s property. That’s in addition to the methane in Leighton’s water well, and the methane in his basement.”

The full horror story is at: http://stateimpact.npr.org/pennsylvania/2012/07/30/in-northeast-pennsylvania-methane-migration-means-flammable-puddles-and-30-foot-geysers/

This story goes on to report about a Methane Geyser; “Soon, someone discovered a bigger problem: a geyser shooting methane-infused water more than 30 feet in the air. “That’s when all hell broke lose,” said a neighboring landowner — who, like others State Impact Pennsylvania talked to about the Union Township problems, requested anonymity, due to ongoing negotiations with Shell over damages and leasing.”

Video of alleged Methane Geyser in N. Pa.


As if in the grip of a real life disaster movie, the town of Hutchinson, Kansas experienced its own “gas migration”,


The gas crisis that rocked Hutchinson, Kansas

“A geyser erupted on Hutchinson’s east side. The nearby railroad was shut down. And a sink hole appeared.

Authorities posted barricades on streets, sealing off an evacuated downtown. Shelter preparations began at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.

In a rat-a-tat sequence, those events shook Hutchinson between 10:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 17, 2001.

They were only the start. Tragedy visited the next day.”


“Old brine wells, the legacy of salt-solution mining, dotted Hutchinson, including one beneath the Hahn home. Gas was rising up through those wells, so authorities combed records at the Reno County Historical Society and Hutchinson Public Library to determine the location of old salt plants and wells.”

“Ratigan at first was skeptical that gas migrating from Yaggy Field was causing eruptions in Hutchinson, but soon became convinced that was the cause.

ONEOK would acknowledge later that approximately 143 billion cubic feet of gas escaped from a leak in the S-1 cavern.”


Please read the whole story at the link provided to understand the true scope of the disaster.


Anatomy of A Salt Dome Methane Release in Hutchinson, Kansas

These two stories are only a minor sampling of the proof of Methane Gas Migrations, and an excellent reason for obfuscation of the true issues in Assumption Parish.

That, however does not in any way excuse the manipulation of information that was to come next by the DNR in Louisiana.

In a federal lawsuit filed in New Orleans on August 13, 2012, alleged that, “a salt cavern failed, which Texas Brine Co. was using to store radioactive material, a byproduct of the drilling industry.
     The class claims that Texas Brine knew the cavern walls were liable to breach as early as January 2011, but failed to warn the public.
     “The public was not warned in January 2011 or any time thereafter or prior of the potential danger resulting from the failure of this cavern and the general public had no knowledge of the storage of the radioactive material in the cavern,” the complaint states.”

 “In early September 2010, defendant began reworking the cavern well, milling a section of salt higher than the existing cavern roof, at 3,400 feet deep, to see if the upper strata could be mined. This area extends for about 100 feet through the well casing above the cavern roof.
     “On January 21, 2011, Mark J. Cartwright, President of Texas Brine Co. Saltville informed the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR), via letter, about a failed integrity test of the cavern and suspicion that the cavern may have breached the Napoleonville Dome’s outer wall. These problems with the cavern led to the cavern being plugged in June 2011. The area milled in September 2010 may be the source of the salt dome breach.
     “LDNR records show that Defendant had been examining the cavern’s wall at least since June 2010.”


(ASIDE) Why on earth would Texas Brine try to brine the roof of the Salt Cavern? It is stated as a fact that the top of the Cavern is at 3400 ft., so why try to mine at less than 1200 ft. above this level? Common sense should have overidden greed in this case, and the DNR knew it as well!

How Salt Brined caverns are formed


Up until present day, any news story even approaching this subject was given a 20 ft. of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, (NORM), was deposited in the Texas Brine Oxy# 3 Salt Cavern in 1995.  This is not true at all, and DNR knows it isn’t.


As stated, the document does not say 20 ft. of NORM, but 20 ft. cubed which is about a cubic yard of NORM contaminated material, and even this seems to be a lie as well, since all fracked materials are considered Technologically-Enhanced-Natural-Occurring-Radioactive-Materials, (TENORMhttp://www.epa.gov/rpdweb00/tenorm/

Evidence exists that Texas Brine has been putting this amount back into three different salt caverns since 1994. Not just at Napoleonville either. They own three other mines at Bayou Choctaw as well, and got permission to use these caverns as ‘Dual Usage’ Caverns as well.

Dual Usage means brining for salt, and then depositing radioactive shale created from brine solution mining bak into the same well to settle on the bottom..

Is this enough proof for a court of law to litigate? I truly believe so, and the evidence just keeps on piling up, and none in favor of LDNR. They have shown at the least that they obfuscate, prevaricate, and even outright lie, to protect their cash infusions from oil-soaked petro dollars contributed by Super-Corporations that dominate the area as well as the Gulf of Mexico entire.

Maybe it is time to investigate the finances of these Corporate Cronies, Elected State Officials, as well as the Elected Representatives of these Districts to see just where they may have received financial favor and campaign contributions… That is covered under the PATRIOT ACT isn’t it? If not, then surely State and Federal RICO laws apply?

The truth of the matter is, that as far as any of us are allowed to know, is that Grand Gulf Energy, and Golden Gate, Inc. and its unnamed 60 percent partner, is the only drilling operation that could allow such a migration of Methane and Oil.

We should all be looking for who else was drilling prior to these interests, and before the sinkhole developed, if any. Otherwise, we have a culprit on the hook.

As Linda Cooke states over three months ago;

“I was told the more correct term was investigatory well, or a well which would be drilled down to the suspect brine cavern so investigating what might be going on could be done. And it was 3,400 feet just to the top of the brine cavern! I had no idea it was that far down.

As I understand it, this “relief” well will be drilled starting late this week, and I don’t know how long it will take to get down that far. Nor what will happen when they get there. It will be interesting.

I have some friends who have evacuated their home in Bayou Corne and are now living in their RV a few miles away. The husband recently had five heart bypasses, and they’re not too happy about the whole situation.”

Read more: TecheToday.com – Baja St Martin

I have so much more that I can share, but this article is too long as it is. I will wait with baited breath to see how many pick up on this most important addition to the ongoing soap opera known as, “As the Bayou Churns”

More Later….








  1. Thanks for the research into this mess. The magnitude of this is mind boggling. It’s always better to know the truth, no matter how horrible the truth may be. Thanks again for getting us closer to the truth of this disaster.

    • You said it, Ms. Coleman….mind blowing. When I first started on this journey, I did not know just how bad an environmental disaster could be engineered by greedy corporations and governments, nor the magnitude or scale of how little they care for the people. These ‘officials’ are essentially mass murderers in slow motion.

    • Also Freedomrox, I’m glad you could find the pertinent information to expose, to the public, the misleading, sketchy, shenanigans of the DNR-Texas Brine relationship.

      • Actually, at the bottom of my article I have added the actual documents that proves DNR gave Texas Brine permission to not only put TENORM back in at NPVL, but also at Chacahoula salt dome, where TB owns three caverns as well.

  2. In reference to your statement, “As stated, the document does not say 20 ft. of NORM, but 20 to the Third Power, which is 8,000 ft. of NORM contaminated material.”

    I’d like to point out what I believe to be a misunderstanding on the part of the author. The third power is not attached to the number 20, but rather to the unit of measure known as feet. The Office of conservation document shown actually reads 20 cubic feet, which is a measure of “volume”. In this reference the feet (a linear measurement) are multiplied to the third power (cubed) so that the unit of measure is cubic feet.
    Volume (cuft) = Length in linear ft x Width in linear ft x Depth in linear ft.
    So *if* TB had a pile 5ft long by 2ft wide and 2ft deep, then the volume would equal 20cuft.
    There are 27 cuft in a cubic yard of material, so 20 cuft is just under 1 cuyd of material.

    Now, I’m not saying that TB reported the volume with 100% accuracy, only TB knows for sure what it put down the hole, but what is acknowledged in this letter remains consistent with statements regarding this particular volume of material.

    • I did some extra research, Ma’am, (or androgenous one) 😛 and you are correct. I have altered the article to reflect the changes. I am not ashamed to admit an error…I leave that to DNR and Texas Brine.

      • In the same document, it states that Texas Brine also owns three salt caverns in the Chacahoula salt dome, and were given permission to put TENORM back into those caverns as well.

      • One more minor misunderstanding, this time regarding a Dec 2, 9:41PM comment/reply,,, may I point out that addressing me as “Sir” happens to be an erroneous inference of gender?
        Not that it really matters in the scheme of things.
        & many thanks for keeping abreast of the sinkhole disaster!.

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  4. I’ve seen cubic feet represented like ft^3 before. That’s feet to the 3rd power like is indicated on the document. I’ve work many Physics word problems in college and this is common. In order to get 8000 cubic feet, the volume would be represented (20 ft)^3, which is the quantity to the third power and the unit to the third power. Whatever is in the parentheses to the third power.

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