Open Letter to the Residents of Bayou Corne


It has come to my attention that some of the local resident’s of Bayou Corne are angry with many of us “Dry-Landers” not understanding what it means to live in a ‘bayou”.

One such sentiment is, “The beef the locals have with us cyber visitors is they say the Lake OXY 3 was there all along. Just covered in floating grass. And as part of the oil skimming deal they take up the grass exposing black oily water. But it is not new water they say. So they say sinkhole isn’t expanding. We are just seeing more swamp due to grass removal and tree die off.
They are getting peeved that we don’t get their view point.”

My response is this… a bayou is defined as, “a marshy arm, inlet, or outlet of a lake, river, etc., usually sluggish or stagnant. or any of various other often boggy and slow-moving or still bodies of water.”

Also I have been in the swamps many times over the last 35 years with friends all over Louisiana, so I do have a clue as well.

But I have never been in any swamp or bayou that is 145 ft. deep. That is more of a lake, and so is the reason I named that small area, “Lake Oxy 3”.

This in no way implies that there wasn’t water in a bayou to begin with, as that would be silly, but since the subsidence, (or slough off as Texas Brine and DNLR are calling it as well as slurry), the natural fresh (fresh is a stretch I know, but even stagnant is considered fresh), waters and evidently brine have co-mingled to create “Lake Oxy 3” and I named it that to remind everyone of Texas Brine and it’s customer Oxy, or Occidental.

Nor have many been claiming that the actual tear in the earth is getting larger, because we can’t see it any better than ya’ll can, so we rely on the updates just as ya’ll do.

What most of us, and LDNR are so concerned about is the rising waters. It is that time of year when the waters rise, which of course then intersects with all other surrounding waterways, canals and bayous, thereby carrying all of the crap rising out of the sinkhole, cave-in, whatever you want to call it to your back doors. The rise in the salinity of the surrounding waters is a major concern but even more alarming is the hydrocarbons that Texas Brine just got fined for not containing properly.

I quote the last 4th Amendment to Last Order, :


These are our concerns as well. Is this what you folks want to be surrounded by? As the waters of Lake Oxy 3 rise, so too shall all of the environmental and human damages also begin to rise. Even the Police Jury seems to understand as evidenced by their last statement;

“A resolution was approved requesting that Texas Brine consider providing the option of a buyout or relocation to the residents of Bayou Corne.” and ” A resolution was approved to object to any and all extensions, contingencies, or modifications to the orders invoked by the Department of Natural Resources onto Texas Brine specific to the sinkhole.”

As per the all of the above reasons, I urge all of you still in Bayou Corne to heed the Jury’s resolution. I hate letting the oil and brine and natural gas people win, and I truly believe they should be forced to pay double for all properties and relocation, but this is truly a lost cause. There is no way for Texas Brine or anyone else that will be able to contain the TPH’s, the chloride’s or the TDS’s once the waters reach that magical level when this is no longer a highly localized matter, but an area wide contamination.

So forgive all of us “Dry-Landers” for not showing more compassion and understanding when we report on just Texas Brine and LDNR, such as;


Then to hear that your neighbors over in Doyline are dealing with their own explosive crisis.

“Weather could complicate the transfer of roughly 6 million pounds of explosives that were haphazardly stored at an industrial site in northwestern Louisiana and led to the evacuation of a small town, a state police spokeswoman said Monday.” is just beyond belief and heart breaking.

Forgive us for our ignorance, but please understand our passion for getting the right thing done, and whether you know it or not, doing the right thing by all of ya’ll as well.

As Kenny Rogers said in his song, “Sometimes…you have to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.”

Ultimately, that choice is up to you, the people whom live in a paradise turned nightmare.




30 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Residents of Bayou Corne

  1. I no longer visit nor post of the Bayou Corne Sinkhole facebook. For a community that was told that the bubbling that foretold the sinkhole was nothing to worry about by a state government that was well aware of the coming destruction, the chemicals and “non-natural nuclear waste” and even the contamination of the well water and the Mississippi aquifer; that they would only need a petition to come to the rescue of the residents. In addition, to believe that the MSM only needed their input in order for them to come down to the toxic swamp and cover the happenings…these two examples prove that the expressed peevishness of the people borders on denial. I was told bluntly, that the page was basically about the sinkhole, no information from the outside that connects the dots and that “their” sinkhole has no connection at all with the Ohio sinkhole. I was even told that the New Madrid Fault and the history of the 1811-1812 earthquake that caused the Mississippi River to run backwards, sand to explode out of the ground, and months of after shocks was based on a delusional person’s conspiracy theory. With the inability to face facts, I doubt very much that they have read your articles and the expert documentation that was provided to the officials both state and federal that speak to the broader environmental and geological crisis. So, I told them that I was moving on, I do not live in the fantasy world that they occupy. I suggested that they move on to, meaning literally to move before they are swallowed by the sinkhole or blown to Kingdom Come. They must not teach science in that area of Louisiana.

    • I believe they are just regular everyday folks that just got caught up in something they had no clue of. Now they are freaking out. It is easy for those of us not facing leaving homes and property we possess, to pass a quick judgment on those that are facing that, and most likely in the deepest of denial. I understand your consternation, but sometimes we have to walk a mile in the other folk’s shoes, before we can honestly understand how they feel.

      • So they continue to lie. It’s the article at the Examiner I posted just above…the one that stopped the school bus from making it’s rounds. 16 @ 5 psi is super unreal. I hope your house is well ventilated…that’s just unreal….
        If you don’t believe me call another towns gas company and ask them how serious a 5PSI leak from one of their underground pipleines is? The answer may surprise you. They would freak out to find much venting out.

      • So, how much time do you think that these people have as their toxic lake expands while they drink of the poisoned Kool Aid provided by their state government and the international corporations. Corporations understand that fines will cost them less than taking responsibility for the people’s well being, and that if they hold off indefinitely the fines will be pennies on the dollar. This is not quick judgment, it is an understanding of a group of people who are so focused on their backyard that they do not want to hear about the connecting dots. Do they read the Flying Cuttlefish and ignore the articles and the warnings? How blind must they be to not see that that little bubbling on the surface has grown into, in their words an exposed lake that was always there? That is more than denial, it is pathological. There is far worse on the horizon for Louisiana, because the drilling of over 50,868+ holes have made Swiss cheese out of the seabed, the salt domes in the seabed are collapsing and a major portion of the state is sinking. In addition, the collapsing underwater salt domes have made the seafloor so unstable that landslides and tsunamis are a real possibility. With the access of the Internet to information, ignorance is a choice.

      • I truly cannot answer how much time they have, lilly. I am so alarmed at what Jo revealed. 16 ft. down @5psi would be enough to send me away screaming. I am a smoker, so of course I would.
        But there is no positive I can get out of this at all. The people of Louisiana Gulf Coast have been hit with a slow motion atomic bomb. I truly do not know how long it will take for people to realize this.
        I try to be as understanding as possible, and trust me, I do understand on a smaller scale. I am a burn survivor, 40 percent of my body back in 2000, and I knew to get out of a burning house.
        Only when the house is not yet on fire, but just in danger of it…well, let’s just say if I had had any warning at all…then I would not have been in my home that night.
        Probably doesn’t answer your question…but it’s the best I can do.

      • Freedom, It is not their “feelings” that cause “consternation” it is their refusal to obtain any information that could help them to see the bigger picture and their ignorance of anything documented by expert knowledge, scientific, or documented historical records. They are even able to “deny” what has been proven to them, the lake continues to poison them and their loved ones; that was known for at least a year before the bubbling began. In this situation, ignorance is a choice. They will not be the first to be dispossessed because of geological/environmentat disaster, many people lost their heritage if not their lives when Hurricane Katrina came ashore in New Orleans and the constant earth changes have disrupted whole communities. The BP Oil disaster ruined many lives of people who for generations have called Loisiana home. Life is not stagnant; but, self preservation does not appear to be a part of the Bayou Corne character.

    • I do understand your consternation and frustration lilly. They’s is some stubborn folks…and that is their business…I am just the one that writes it up after the fact now. If information is given freely, then it can be accepted and rejected. Just have to roll with it.

      • Rain, I understand where you are, but won’t give that much detail. In the link I posted they are only telling the depth at that point, and not the shallowest depth it has been found. Yours is much shallower and dangerous than what has been reported. If not a lie, then it is certainly a dishonest omission.

      • Yes, Ma’am. Even more though, they aren’t telling your neighbors the shallow depth, or psi of the one on your property in easy to understand terms. Nooo, they want ya’ll to wade through technical data everyday from every probe and to be able to say, “Well the data was there.” Even if no one understood the dataset. Understand now?

  2. I hope everyone takes a hint and skedaddles! I wonder if there are even birds left there. A big shame to think someone will knock on your door and give you warning when it’s about to blow.

  3. Perhaps people should revisit the earlier sinkhole flyover videos at to relearn that ground once existed that cars drove over and people walked over. It is pretty clear that the water was never there to begin with. If there was water everywhere, the name word be “lake” not “marsh,” and there probably wouldn’t be as many or any tall , thin trees to be seen. Thanks for the heads-up Freedomrox.

    • Well, you don’t see much of a haul road that once led towards the sinkhole, trees were once plentiful where there is now ahole in the ground…yeah, Keith…I would say it’s not like it was. Thanks for the read. Hope the folks down there understand that we “cyber-folk” are trying to help.
      It has been the oil industry’s fondest wish to empty the Gulf Coast of all life and people, and by hook or by crook…seems they are doing so. Remember the Army Corps of Engineers allocated 40 billion for just that purpose. I think even Jessie Ventura had that on one of his shows and I have the documents around here somewhere.

  4. Rainbow!! Excellent.I truly do wish you the best, but please understand that they have no clue what to do. I would actually caution you to wear a gas mask of some type, (no, not WWII issue either), but to keep some of these toxins out of ya’lls bloodstream. I am highly alarmed you now have two holes with gas at 26 ft. Even if not explosive at this point, then it is harmful inhalation.
    Also, nice work on the Walter boy.teeheehee. Haven’t had that much fun in a while.

    • Actually if ya’ll have a welding supply anwhere’s nearby, then purchase an Oxygen bottle, and use a tube and plastic mask. I use this myself to purge my bloodstream with pure oxygen twice a day, (respiratory problems), and it’s not very expensive. Pure oxygen for about two minutes at a time three times a day will ward off a goodly amount of the inhalation of ambient toxins….just saying. Better than a gas mask.

    • With all of those torches(flairs) around the area, Natural Gas floating around, oil in the sinkhole, and the sinkhole bearing down on the Butane and Propane Caverns, I don’t see a positive outcome at all. DNR gets their paychecks from the same gas and oil companies they are required to watch over. That does not sound like a good idea to me. Have the residents learned yet that trusting an organization that let some of the companies skirt the laws might not be the best organization to manage a fix? I don’t understand how you folks can expect a positive outcome when this problem is not tackled with top priority. This lax attitude is going to be your downfall if the people in charge don’t straighten things out. The problems this potential catastrophy could cause most likely will be nationwide because much of the fuel goes through that area, the Mississippi River is a major transport waterway for goods, the Strategic Reserve is nearby, and fire could speed through the piping network across the nation.

  5. It’s hard to please everyone, I know. That’s the definition of a sinkhole. The land sinks. I know it’s pretty obvious to most people. Since the event happened in an area with high levels of water in the soil due to the bayou/marsh/swamp, the vacant area was filled with water. This sinkhole is similar to digging a hole in the sand at the beach. The ocean is nearby causing a high water level in the sand. So when a hole is dug in the sand, you hit water close to the surface of the sand. This explanation was not mentioned for you Jo celle, because I can tell you understand the concept. I just attached the reply to your letter because you discussed only the water level concept. This explaination was ment for the people that don’t quit understand this concept, and to avoid waisting time arguing over matters that take us off the important sinkhole topic.

    • I am sure they all do appreciate it Keith. I really never figured I would have the amount of visitors coming to this little ol’ blog as I do. I just wish more would comment, but I respect their right to read and run.

    • Hey, Jo, don’t let that Charles nutcase get you down. I have just ignored him and working fine.
      You proved what you needed to and everyone despises him, so let that be his punishment.

  6. to aka freedomrox i cant get on enenews to post the truth have any reason why and by the way the mississippi river DID roll backwards in 1812 for peacelily information – the levees are tin and covered with grass the army corp lied as well as jindal george bush clinton george bush sr obama they all know they are tin covered with grass – their lying about this minor matter is nothing new they were never replaced although they will lie and tell you they are again freedomrox I am trying to post the true info concerning haarp the facility in alaska in ene news again i have to go through aka freedomrox and i cant post my info who is so afraid of the Truth

    • It is simple tina, we all mostly know already. Also, you go on and on and on, and completely off topic. WordPress is absolutley free. Use it to get your truth out.
      Yes, the Mississippi did dam up and run backwards to fill the subsidence now known as ‘Reelfoot Lake’. I grew up my whole life wary of the New Madrid. I do know these things, and most of us do, but we attack one issue at a time.
      I honestly suggest you register for a free Word Press account and you can say anything you like, but please order your thoughts into a reasonable presentation first. As for Enenews, I have no idea. They keep me around for comic relief or to heat up the boards every so often. I am such a pisser, 🙂

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