Louisiana Sinkhole Operation: Bottom Kill and Top Fill


A Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) is being performed now at the Louisiana Sinkhole in an effort to locate the source of the hydrocarbons and oil deep below the earth that was tapped into by Texas Brine’s Oxy 3 brine cavern which explosively failed on August 3rd, 2012, and created the slough in, known to local residents as the ‘Stinkhole’. This Vertical Seismic Profile will be explained in the next article.

If the VSP can locate the breach through the outer oil/gas formations, and it will without a doubt, then there is a possible way to seal off the breach and kill the source of the methane, oil, and hydrocarbons seeping to the surface of the Sinkhole-become-Lake Oxy 3.


To take care of the methane, oil, and hydrocarbons, set an oil drilling rig due west and in line with the oil sands feeding the sinkhole, (and can be obtained from Golden Gate Petroleum’s Proprietary 3 D survey map), which can drill a deep bore vertical/horizontal hole and tap into all the oil sands, from Big Hum to Marg Vag and the Cris’s to a point below the cavern breach. Making sure that the natural gas is captured and sent down the line for production.

“If need be, then two lateral bores could be also drilled off the primary, horizontally, one on each side, thus penetrating the producing zones in three places.  Cement can then be pumped in and squeeze the formation tops from below the breach.”

“This is not a new technology. it is done offshore all the time. A similar method was used to intercept the wellbore of BP MC-252 and kill it from the bottom.” according to Thad Daly, a retired Oil Drilling Engineering Veteran with 40 years of drilling experience, who collaborated with me on this article, and provided the drilling strategy for the oil sands, (although a despised Halliburton apologist and frequent agitator on most forums, in this instance, the science bears out.)

“After the cement sets, then the drill would need to pull back, set a plug, and then drill horizontally again, dropping angle to penetrate the production zones below the cemented section, thus resulting in a producing well. This would then drop the formation pressures, and in time, be depleted.” Mr. Daly states.


I, also, believe firmly that putting a small platform rig on the center of Lake Oxy 3 and using Sonar sounding, so that we can easily find the weakest and strongest point of the Seep Plug of the lake, and to determine where a rig should be placed to drill into it to bypass the aquifer and to get thru the rubble and the voids to a point at about 2500 ft, and dump drilling mud, (cement), as Stop Gaps trapping the remnants of the formation oil, gas and waters underneath the Lake and aquifer, and lending stability, (once again, all depending upon the results of the VSP.)

Perform mill outs (Drilled Out Cuts) every 500 ft. and pump cement at each interval as the pipe is sealed off, being as generous as the rock perforations will allow, to help protect the bottom of the aquifer.

Then seal the well. This will stabilize the geological area, and bring an end to the natural gas, (methane), venting into the aquifer, and as an extension, into the community and surrounding areas as well.


Then backfill the funnel of Lake Oxy 3, with a clay layer, (Bentonite)to specifications to create a ‘Claytard’, using a Suction/Pumping Barge to ensure a proper seal above the aquifer, and then place over the artificial, yet natural claytard, a layer of Rip Raff (large scrap rock), and Gabion Stone near the rim to stabilize the shape of the lake and help in remediation of the waters contained within. This will offer added protection, should any part of this process be compromised.

The reason for the Rip Raff rock is of course for overburden, and to act as a sealant protector, but the Gabion Stone composed of  limestone, will also provide a means for remediation of the swamp waters itself, as it provides a sound foundation for the last phase of the operation.


Contract with an Algae Farming Operation to remediate the surrounding swamp and sinkhole/lake, such as Aquatic Energy, in Lake Charles, LA., or others closer, or possibly even a Co-Op farming operation involving the residents as shareholders, especially considering what they have gone through, and to foster positive public relations.

Algae have the ability to carry out photosynthesis because of the chloroplast found in their cells. Algae plants have the capacity to survive in salt water. Algae act as filtering systems to remove excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphates from marine aquariums. They are also used to buffer toxins and remove metals.
In the ways described above, the subsidence/slough in/sinkhole disaster can be successfully mitigated, while maximizing profits that can be used to offset the financial losses.
As it stands, for Texas Brine to buy out every mortgage, and to provide for relocation could easily run to 30 million plus dollars, but in this way or any derivative of it, the people of Bayou Corne can come back home, and in a few years, maybe even have a nice lake for recreation.
My thanks to Mr. Thad Daly for providing the technical expertise as it relates to oil drilling. Mr. Daly has 40 years on the drilling side, specialized drilling fluids. FWIW 36 international +20 countries.
He can be reached at his Facebook page by name.

16 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole Operation: Bottom Kill and Top Fill

    • I hope so as well, and hope many people attempt to send this to Mr. Mitchell at The Advocate on Monday. He covers all issues relating to the area. Neither of us is saying that every single bullet point is dead on… But it should be a guide to people who refuse to utter even the hint that there may be another way. Pride should never come before a fall…especially if it isn’t you falling.
      Thanks for the comments underpalace, and visit again soon. I will be working on the 2010 VSP tomorrow and should be done late tomorrow evening.
      There is more than one responsible party here, and the coverup has to end.

      • I must say: I am proud of you and Mr. Thad Daly. Observing your interactions evolve from argument and debate to collaboration- it is inspiring.

        Thank you for that, and for your hard work otherwise.

        I will forward this to Mr. Mitchell and urge others to as well.

      • Thank you for your support, and kind words, and please do alert David Mitchell. I will as well, but not as FREEDOMROX. I stay in the shadows for my own reasons. I prefer it as such.

        Thad and I differ in many ways, see things alike in others, and bitterly oppose each other on certain issues…but! We are both united in helping the people of not only Bayou Corne, but Belle Rose, Napoleonville, Pierre Part, Geismar, Le Fourche, and potentionally even further away from being affected or infected by this disaster, and neither could take it anymore. The inaction of all engineers, rock riggers, brine exploiters, and LDNR, were just too much for either of us to accept anymore.

        BTW, never ever pass on the viability of a good argument. If you ignore the personal, and focus on the actual content, then you can learn a lot, even in the supposed emotional throes of a bitter disagreement. I have learned more from those arguing against me, than I ever have from those arguing for me. I learned that many years ago.

        I will not say tomorrow, he will be my friend, but I will say he will always have my respect….

  1. Thank you, and you’re welcome. I am actually really a pretty good folk. Maybe too good. I get the same feeling about you. Read some of the new evil post last night. Think I’ll finish it today instead of watching the Inauguration evil.

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