Louisiana Sinkhole: State Documentation Reveals that Radioactive Materials Were INJECTED into Five Additional Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns (UPDATED)



A truly shocking revelation has been uncovered in SONRIS files concerning the fragile and ‘too close to salt edge’, Occidental Geismar #1, as well as four other caverns on the east side of Grand Bayou.

Last week, it was revealed that Oxy #1 was found to be in potential jeopardy and possible collapse since it lies within 1-200 ft. from the Salt Dome’s edge.

Louisiana Sinkhole: Are more Caverns at Risk?


Concerns raised about 2nd salt dome cavern

Although no real shock to those in the know, what else was found regarding Occidental-Geismar #1 Cavern, turned out to be a real electrifying revelation.

Many community meetings have been held in Assumption Parish with the residents affected by the ‘Great Louisiana Sinkhole’ formed by the failure of Oxy-Geismar #3 salt cavern known to be on the edge of the Napoleonville Salt Dome, by Texas Brine and the Owner of the actual cavern itself, Occidental Chemical Corporation. Although asked about the possible NORM contained by other caverns, no real answers were forthcoming. Now we understand why this was never answered.

Buried deep within the bowels of SONRIS at LDNR and in a well file relating to Gulf South #1 failed cavern that terrorized the community of Grand Bayou in 2003, were documents relating to Texas Brine and Occidental’s dealings with James Welsh concerning the disposal of ‘calcium and magnesium brine precipitates’, later changed to ‘brine sludge’, and both terms meaning Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials, (NORM), and the injection of these materials back into the caverns in which they were produced.

In a letter dated July 8, 1991, James Welsh in responding to a May 1, and May 29 requests for NORM to be put back into the following Well(s), Serial #’s 142315, 109979, 110339, 151645, and were not only given permission by then Mining Director Welsh to inject, but additionally informed they would have no problems with continuing Class III brine mining from these same caverns but would also have no problem being permitted for Class II Storage Wells if asked for in the future.

Then in 1994, another set of letters concerning NORM passed between Bill Walters at LDNR and Jim McCartney of Texas Brine requesting Well(s) Serial #’s, 109979 again, 151645 again, and 142316, be injected once more, and was again answered by Mr. Welsh on August 23, 1994, and informed that ASNIPLETTER

Even more disturbing is that this time Texas Brine proposed a Solka Floc system that would prepare the NORM to be re-injected into the above documented caverns, thereby transforming the NORM into Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials, (TENORM), and the Department of Environmental Quality passed it without question, and with only a sketch to go by; with no plans to follow up after construction, before introducing said materials into the caverns, and all unconcerned that these Wells remained Class III brine mining wells, while at the same time, being used for radioactive sludge waste injection caverns.

Before I go further, I feel it is incumbent upon me to inform you, the reader, that not once, but twice OXY GEISMAR #1 is proposed for these TENORM injections, as evidenced by Serial Number 151645, which turns out to be the very cavern that is now suspected of being mined too close to the edge of the Salt Dome, and could potentially fail. I would also like to point out this was done at a time when it was illegal under any circumstances to place any radioactive materials into salt caverns of any kind.

I submit this fact was known far ahead of time as submitted in earlier articles, but further evidence has come to light supporting such a supposition.

On August 25, 2012 and only three weeks after the OXY GEISMAR #3 cavern had collapsed, Occidental and Texas Brine sent in a team to immediately perform a SONAR scan of Oxy Geismar #1 and of no other caverns as shown in these pictures provided by LDNR.

Pic 1, Pic 2, PIC 3

These pictures and the SONAR of Oxy Geismar #1 screams that Occidental and Texas Brine had reason to be alarmed that this particular cavern might breach out, as opposed to say, Oxy Geismar #2, located directly behind the failed Cavern 3.

This is very disturbing news indeed. Although not a conspiracy minded person…I must admit this smacks of conspiracy and of an on-going coverup.

I do not state this lightly, as Occidental and Texas Brine side-stepped these issues before when questions arose concerning the presence of NORM in Oxy-Geismar #3 by stating that in 1995 they received permission from LDNR, but not from LDEQ. That really seems disingenious in the extreme, considering the Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality, Linda Levy, gave full permission in 1994, as did James Welsh, of LDNR Director of Injection and Mining Division, for the TENORM injection of waste materials into 5 other caverns.

If there is even a way for these obviously corrupt corporations and the State Agencies charged with the Safety of the Public Health and Welfare of the People of Louisiana, to weasel their way from under these allegations,  then these questions still remain…. If in 1991 there was enough NORM for four wells, and in 1994, enough existed for three more wells, and then with just an average of 20 cu. ft. of NORM that was to be placed in Oxy #3, then we have 160 cu. ft.of radioactive materials floating around in limbo whether just underground in the Solka Floc system and a ‘Tank’, or laying in piles all over the dome, with the many other wells on the Dome, is also the potential for 1000’s of Feet of Radioactive Materials in unknown locations exposed to the elements, or as stated in the above letters; re-injected into caverns, where they could be pumped out to an end producer  for potcarb including nutrition supplements for dairy cattle, video glass for television and computer monitors, other specialty glass, potassium silicates, fertilizers, gas processing, industrial intermediaries, photographic development processes, detergents, and food products, such as the Occidental-Geismar Chemical Plant in Geismar. Louisiana, or to Dow, which uses the chlorides for many end user products, such as plastics, and a host of other end user products that could be on a Store Shelf near you.

None of us ever to expected our Bagged Fertilizers, nor our Chlorox type cleaners, to actually glow in the dark. Not stating they are, but it is a valid question.

If this does not spark an investigation by the Federal Government, then what on earth ever will? Raw Milk?


Apparently the very next day after this article was released Texas Brine, LLC Spokesman, Bruce Martin made a Public Statement concerning NORM injections into Oxy Geismar 1 and 3. Mr. Martin claims no injections ever took place.

(Please go to 4 mins, and 30 seconds of this video to listen to Mr. Martin’s reply.)

According to Mr. Martin, ‘Brine Precipitates’ fell out of the wellheads of Oxy 3 and another at Chacahoula. Just fell out. Huh?

He explains they were so out of touch, they hadn’t a clue what they were looking at… Is that credible? More importantly, is that “Responsible Care”?

He then goes on to explain that you should take his word that over a five year period, 1990, 1991, 1994, and 1995, each citing different Caverns for disposal; (see documents below), that Texas Brine only sought permits to what they stated as their goal of action, and that was re-injecting NORM into SIX (6) different caverns on JUST THE NAPOLEONVILLE SALT DOME.

After multiple incidents, and to remind you of just one, Texas Brine employees did not follow State Issued Orders to alert (well) anyone that they had H2S coming from the failed well over the top of the caprock. Nor do they inform the local residents already in a State Declared Emergency and  Disaster Area, of when slough-ins, ‘burps’, seismic activities, or methane or ‘Big Gulps’ of water take place until three, four days, and sometimes even longer periods of time, as evidenced by the latest revelations at the Senate Hearing, that three more acres were lost in one week, and looks to exceed their projected expansion totals they have touted for so many months as the maximum size of the ‘sinkhole’.

We have WRITTEN and DOCUMENTED PROOF of their INTENT, yet, Mr. Martin wants us to take his WORD. Not good enough. Where is the documentation PROVING that none of the materials in question were not re-injected, and if so, then please show documentation detailing where it did go, or was it allowed to stay onsite to endanger the workers until it’s radioactivity dropped to a ‘safe level’. The PEOPLE have a right to know!!!

To top it off, Mr, Martin goes on to plead IGNORANCE of TENORM, which is dealt with in Texas Brine Waste Disposal Wells in Texas, and yet he has no knowledge of what that is, although in a fact sheet issued to all companies on a yearly basis that have even ancillary issues dealing with the said mined materials.

Anytime human activities allow a build up of naturally occurring radioactive materials, then it is considered TENORM, as explained in the article above with a link to EPA web based documents released to Industry Officials. Texas Brine is a Mining Company, so therefore are recipients of these EPA materials. Essentially, Mr. Bruce Martin is admitting he doesn’t do his job very well, and isn’t qualified as a mining engineer, nor even qualified as a safety director. Quite an admission.

This leads to the Solka Floc slurry system issue and one that is the most disturbing of the documents uncovered, as they pertain to a system of piping between wells and a tank system to slurry any NORM/TENORM materials prior to re-injecting into the wells, essentially ensuring that they would not precipitate to the bottom of the caverns, and possibly eject out into product so that all evidence would be erased that it even existed.

The point here is not so much what Texas Brine wanted, but what then Director of Injection Mining for the State of Louisiana was willing to allow, without any notice whatsoever to the communities surrounding this Salt Dome, and the great lengths Mr. Welsh went to, to stress that it was no big deal… “Do It!” All without any oversight or further reporting, and this from LDEQ and LDNR as well.

The question again remains, what is the disposition of NORM/TENORM precipitated from ALL CAVERNS on the Napoleonville Salt Dome? Where are these vast amounts of radiological materials going? How were they disposed of in the last 50 years? SHOW THE EVIDENCE! NO ONE TRUSTS YOUR WORDS! Again, the People have a right to know!

Source File: Start at Page 176-188 of the Gulf South #1 Well History File.

IN HOUSE SOURCE: Gulf SouthTexas Brine




TexasBrine GJL Well 3 NORM






41 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole: State Documentation Reveals that Radioactive Materials Were INJECTED into Five Additional Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns (UPDATED)

  1. Well, I’m sorry to say that I am not surprised by these revelations. What will surprise me is if there are no more to come.

    I am very pleased to see so many individuals working so hard to defend themselves against ‘big industry/corrupt officials’. I’m praying with all my heart that this drive continues to spread to all of the citizens of this state and throughout the country!

    Many of the technologies being used in all phases of the petrochemical industry are outside of the general public’s knowledge…including most of our politicians and a good many of the employees of our regulating agencies. As in the lack of knowledge of our state’s geology, the information has been kept from all of us. I’ve very much wanted to believe that greater understanding of the dangers being posed to all of us would lessen the ease at which public representatives could be persuaded into corruption. But, maybe that isn’t true. There isn’t anyone unaware enough to not know how many people would be placed in danger by the practice of selling off brine laced with NORM or TENORM! We have to start DEMANDING that all agents/politicians/business persons who commit these crimes are sentenced to real jail time and not just fired, suspended or relocated!! In fact, if a crime can have an additional penalty placed on it such as adding the tag of “hate crime”, then there should also be an additional penalty for a crime committed by a person entrusted with the public’s safety!

    It was wonderful to hear, I believe it was Mr. Metrejean say that even after settlement and clean-up, we’re not going away!!

  2. Crimes against Humanity and everyone responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The time when these criminals could rape and pillage our land is OVER and we must simply put an end to all the destruction. All those “off shore” accounts should be seized and those guilty punished. FIRST DO NO HARM!

  3. Dude. Awesome, as in: speechless, jaw-drop-scary. Radical, as in: to the down-and-dirty gnarly root. Makes me happysad, as in: Yay! You dug up…horrible confirmation of our worst fears and suspicions that THE INSUPERABLE BASTARDS REALLY HAVE BEEN/ARE DOING THIS (!?!?) … and not just at Bayou Corne. Heavy Metals and Free Radicals, man. Heaving a big, disappointed sigh of doubleplus ungood.

  4. Great Journalism! thanks for the download…looks like trouble is coming and we did it to ourselves…God have mercy Aloha

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  6. Thank you for your continuing hard work and excellent journalism. I’ve been following this sad story for many months and share with friends and family. The extent of this horror is truly beyond belief. Many prayers go with you all.

    • Ms. Nielson, again I feel honored to have the best readers on the planet visit my humble little blog. It is time for the pillaging and plunder of our natural resources over our continued human existence, to come to a stop. We can have it both ways, industry and people and environment, but if all the loopholes are not closed up, these corporations will continue to maximize profits, and minimize flora, fauna, and human environmental concerns. Again, thanks to the readers…the message is taking hold.

  7. Wow, Wow, Wow…a remarkable piece of investigative journalism! As I posted before at ENENews, I forwarded this link to Erin Brockovich and Stuart Smith. The awards for compensatory and punitive damages just edged up a notch, yeah.

    Rock on Freedomrox!

    • Thank you Cisco. Just trying to get the Regs, Rules, and safeguards in place for the future so that this never happens again, and if it helps the resident’s get a better deal…then that is just more gravy…
      Stay tuned, for more twists, turns, and shocks are in store for the players in Pierre Part, and Bayou Corne in the continuing saga of, ‘As the Bayou Churns’.

  8. I have been following this blog for a while and have been very impressed by the blogger’s ability to translate technical information into usable information that the lay person can understand, however after reading the most recent blog I must say that I am disappointed that the blogger, who has been very accurate with the facts has thrown a few communication faux-pas’ our way. The blogger posts that there is an “Occidental-Geismar Fertilizer Plant”, in Geismar, LA, however there is no such plant. There is an Occidental Chemical plant in Geismar, LA. But they do not make fertilizer. It is implied by the blogger that NORM and TENORM material has been pumped down one or more of the wells (which is a subject of debate) and that we have radioactive material in the consumer “end-products” that are in use in many of our households today. The blogger then goes on to infer that Bagged Fertilizers, and Clorox type cleaners will glow in the dark because of the presence of the radioactive material in these products. While these comments make for great reading they are factually inaccurate and tend to undermine the bloggers incredible gift of accurately reporting a very unfortunate situation.

    • Mr. Fred, I do appreciate your comments and welcome all critical input, but I do not imply anything. The documents themselves imply that it is entirely possible that through the usage of the Solka Floc slurry system that it could travel to the processing plants. Additionally you are also correct in that fertilizers are not the only products produced by Oxy Geismar, but to spell out each and every product their materials go into would have made for a very long article and alarm even more people as to the great range of products their chemicals go into. I will correct that, sir. Also, I do not imply that safeguards are not in place to capture during production any possible radioactive materials that may have come from the caverns, and would be a great opportunity for Oxy to address any such concerns… Either way, someone is exposed at some point to a possible danger.
      The purpose of this article was to address that at the time these letters and correspondence(s) were written, it was illegal to put ANY radioactive materials into a salt cavern, and an investigation is warranted. The truth of the matter…is that none of us knows where those materials are, the condition of said materials, their disposition, and the amounts thereof.. Please take into account there are 52 caverns at Napoleonville. Where is all of the other NORM, the condition of said materials, their disposition, and the amounts thereof?
      I do thank you for pointing out that I did misname the plant, and have corrected the mistake. There are so many chemical plants in Geismar, it is hard to keep them straight, all apologies.
      For a listing of just what products and chemicals are produced at the Oxy Geismar Plant, please continue reading here:

      Click to access 050603comp0510009.pdf

  9. Just got the return phone call from Richard Perque. (an embarrassing moment I might ad. I thought it was my mom, I answered the phone w/a “Nope no baby yet” Oi Vey :O )

    He also recommends the “Pacer” web site to see “all” court doc & case notes. They are “public record”.

    He told me there is case conference on May 9th, and that on the 10th we will be able to see the notes on all matters discussed with the judge via the “Pacer” site.

    He was unaware of the work you Folk’s have been doing here and the documents that you have been gathering , sharing, and saving. He said He will be following you closely now.

    Your hard work “is helping” the residents/victims of this matter. Good Job Folk’s!

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  16. Shows to Go you, all the “leaking” of all the frack water up in ND and
    all the flood of Lies about the so-called “fracking fluids”, it is all highly
    poisonous shit they are injecting, and they don’t care whose WATER they
    kill and destroy and lie about it. The backbone farms of America are
    being intentionally destroyed by Oil Corporations and their partners.
    They cannot legally honestly dump the radioactive and organic fluids,
    so they “legally” inject into your family water-supply. Wow, Jobs for idiots.

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