Louisiana Sinkhole: Jindal’s Folly

PAD3 Stinkhole

Today, May 20, 2013, marked a milestone in Louisiana history, whether anyone knows it or not. Governor Bobby Jindal visited the people of Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou and gave the most hypocritical speech that I have heard in a very long time. Of course, in the world of politics, this is seemingly an everyday occurrence, yet this one took the cake, so to speak.

After listening to Jindal, in spite of his political bluster, stood at the podium and admitted that there was nothing they could do about Texas Brine LLC’s failure to live up to it’s promises and deadlines concerning resident buyouts, other than to issue empty threats about permits. If Jindal really was serious, then he would authorize an official investigation into Texas Brine’s business practices and the many laws they have broken throughout the years…and there have been many!

Of course this will never happen, because then it would implicate Dept. of Conservation, LDNR, LDEQ, and most especially one of the more powerful men in the State, James Welsh, as well as Jindal’s own administration, which included Scott Angelle, the former head of LDNR, who skipped town five (5) days after the initial cave-in August 3rd, 2012.

The “Go To Patsy”, that was forced to follow Scott Angelle; Mr. Steven Chustz, has still not provided an answer as to where the location of 50 salt cavern’s worth of ‘radioactive scale’ for the last 50 years has disappeared to, nor it’s disposition. Also, no word has come from the Senate Committee that asked Mr. Chustz to report on the 1991-1994 cavern injections, or upon the Solka Floc slurry system both LDEQ and LDNR illegally signed off onto. The point is not whether radioactive materials were actually injected, or burned, or simply dumped in a landfill, (which would be a separate crime all upon it’s own), but the fact that the laws of the time were broken and between Louisiana Government Agencies, and Private Companies, constituting Conspiracy, ongoing cover ups, and RICO violations.


Remember please the dishonest way that Texas Brine, LLC has acted since this disaster first began, as evidenced by Texas Brine LLC’s claim that earth tremors caused the failure of its salt cavern,


Parish Officials and Stephen Chustz fired back at Texas Brine’s silly statements, amid a slough-in that opened the caved in sinkhole even further. Texas Brine’s response was that the event never took place.



Finally after repeated threats and missing several deadlines, Texas Brine states they will play ball and follow the Directives, and finally sink their first vent well in November, three months after the fact.


Conservation brings in Shaw, (now CB&I), which is a partner of Texas Brine’s in the Texas Brine co-founded ‘Solution Mining Institute’, as is;

Sandia National Laboratories

Class B

Mr. David J. Borns

Dept. 6113 – MS 0706 P.O. Box 5800

Albuquerque, 87185-0706, NM

United States

+1 (505) 844-7333.

Does that ring a bell? Isn’t Mr. Borns on the Blue Ribbon Commission? Isn’t Dr. Gary Hecox of CB&I? As is Pierre Berest, Ph.D, James Linn, Ph.D., Geotechnical consultant, former president of Solution Mining Research Institute, and John Voigt, Executive Director of Solution Mining Research Institute. Seems a conflict of interest here. SOCON, and Baker Hughes are all members as well. Dow is a member as well as Sabine Storage & Operations, Inc. from Houston, TX. This will be important in a moment.


The point of this article is not just about the incestuous relationships between all operators on the Dome, or the companies that service them, although it is one helluva point all on its own, nor is the point that the LDNR, Conservation, and LDEQ, that permitted, encouraged, and helped cover up the problems Texas Brine knew it had already caused, and all involved covered that fact up; are now working in tandem to fix the cover-up. No, my point has nothing to do with the ‘Foxes guarding the Henhouse’, but maybe it should be.

The point is that from the very start of this intentional gamble to abandon a known failed salt cavern laying outside the salt, and the naked greed it took to perform a mill out above this already known failure, causing this whole imbroglio to begin with, Texas Brine LLC has had pretty much free reign to do as they please with the lives of the people they have employed, used, abused, and helped poison for the last ten months. No Government State Agency has brought them to heel, nor actually held them accountable, for the reasons stated above. Nor will they. Ever.

The real point is that despite Governor Bobby Jindal’s threats and blustering, will not mean a whit in the policy making processes of the Insurance Companies resistance to a precedent-setting and historical decision. What decision, you may ask? The one of paying off the victims of a disaster to the tune of possibly half a billion dollars, before liability has been set forth by a court of competent jurisdiction. That is the one point that cannot be ignored, and I have noticed it being the center of a buzz, and is constantly bandied about on nearly every Insurance blog on the net in the last year.

Think about it; just how much of your daily life is controlled by Insurance Companies? Which industry successfully lobbied for every single person to be forced to carry Auto Insurance, or be fined? Which industry will not even allow a bank loan to issue for your own home, unless you carry homeowner’s insurance? Cargo Insurance, etc, etc., ad nauseam?

If Governor Bobby Jindal was truly serious about helping the people of Grand Bayou/Bayou Corne, then I find myself reluctantly agreeing with Mr. John Achee Jr.’s stance of the Governor pleading for federal assistance to come in and take over this truly un-natural disaster. I know this is not popular with the whole community, and a healthy distrust of the Federal Government, (especially in light of the recent tyrannical scandals of late), is entirely understandable, but please allow me to explain.

With Federal Assistance, the Army Corps of Engineers and their unlimited resources would come into play, as well as the National Disaster Relief Fund, which would place the full resources of the federal government, and State Agencies to the task of finding a true mitigation of this ongoing, slow-motion disaster. Also, buyouts would be handled with Federal and State funds, and it would then be the responsibility of the Feds and the State to sue Texas Brine and Occidental Chemical for reparations, and the burden not be laid at the feet of the resident’s and unintentional victims to recover in long drawn out court battles that may last 10-15 year; which is where this seems to be heading.

Those not wanting to leave should stay in the Mandatory Evacuation Zone and be prepared to suffer any of the consequences of that decision, but those that want to move out of the way of this slow motion train wreck of enormous proportions should be compensated, and allowed to move on with their lives.

I have not even delved into the probable forthcoming victim’s of Pierre Part as the methane has migrated to the western edges of the MRAA aquifer, and damages already being reported in that area. LDNR, LDEQ, and Conservation have completely ignored all complaints and reports, many times with outright lies and obfuscation. This cannot be allowed to go on, and it won’t. More on that in an upcoming article.

I state that if something is not done very soon in respects to the long-suffering victim’s, that a clarion call should be raised that the Governor be impeached, and charges brought against all State Agencies, as well as the Federal Government, for not responding to a National Emergency regarding the Nation’s Energy Supply, and refusing to protect National Security in these regards.


Whether anyone truly grasps the scope and scale of how important this region is to the National Interests and Security is irrelevant, for the State and Federal Government already know and have failed the People of Louisiana, and the People of America, in their lackadaisical response to this highly sensitive area of our energy supplies, as well as ignoring the environmental stability and well-being of a major watershed and wildlife habitat.

The State Agencies involved should be restrained from issuing any further drilling permits, [four (4) in the last ten months for the north, south, and east sides of a water-infiltrated, and fractured Napoleonville Salt Dome], and a permanent moratorium on the design and engineering of any new Solution Mined Caverns anywhere on the Dome should be a part of the Orders and Directives, while allowing the ones already in operation to remain, under close scrutiny. No one is suggesting Corporations should abandon the Dome, (although Gulf South fled it’s Magnolia Facility, and Chevron is in limbo), but until the extent of the damages, and infiltration to the Salt Dome are honestly assessed, then it is not too much to ask that no more caverns should be created until answers are known.

Which brings me to my last point, and one that should outrage each and every one of you, and while still there, should fight with every ounce of energy at your disposal, and that is the recent Public Notice that appeared in the Bayou Journal by Sabine Storage & Operations, Inc. from Houston, TX, and on behalf of Dow Hydrocarbons Resources Inc. All contacts, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are included in this notice, and if you agree, should definitely make your voices heard, and stop this irresponsible and hazardous activity.


Just on the off chance no one actually clicks the link above, then please understand that it contains a Public Notice that Sabine, and Dow intend to solution mine another additional cavern to the South East Side of the Napoleonville Salt Dome nearest Napoleonville, La.

 (More may be added to this post as available, and special thanks to the local, who sent me the Bayou Journal notice, and Kenny Simoneaux as well.)

30 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole: Jindal’s Folly

  1. Also about insurance lobby . . . they acted immediately (within hours) of 9-11 to get a terrurizm plot declared with no proof or facts in so the airlines would be let off the liability hook for their lousy security. Survivors of the deceased passengers had to sign shut-up docs just to get paltry sum and agree not to sue. http://www.911grassroots.org/2012/08/ellen-mariana-last-911-plaintiff-needs.html
    Red Cross pitched in and held up ‘help’ (donated) until WTC survivors relinquished their right to sue anybody. They hurried that up with liberal dispensing of calm-down drugs as “aid”.

  2. I have a feeling you can’t see me in there. hooo hummmm here’s my notes for the night, I’m going to make a few calls in the morning to get the name of the insurance companies… if they exist.

    Ownership goes back to Gustave J LaBarre (or his heirs) https://www.google.com/search?biw=1173&bih=565&tbs=qdr%3Ay&q=%22LaBarre+et.al.%22+%22Texas+Brine%22&oq=%22LaBarre+et.al.%22+%22Texas+Brine%22&gs_l=serp.12…57518.57518.0.60657.…1.1.14.serp.0RcP1jFMd_Q

    LaBarre et al v. Occidental Chemical Company et al
    ***Note***case includes LeBlanc Land Company, L.L.C http://dockets.justia.com/docket/louisiana/laedce/2:2012cv02611/152268/

    Old LeBlance Case against DOW involving land in Assumption parish, not sure if it involves Napoleonville http://www.leagle.com/xmlResult.aspx?page=4&xmldoc=In%20LACO%2020130410277.xml&docbase=CSLWAR3-2007-CURR&SizeDisp=7


    LEBLANC LAND COMPANY L.L.C. http://opencorporates.com/officers/29325983

    DENISE D. LABARRE, agent http://opencorporates.com/officers/29325984

    This is the one that list all the wells and owners…. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:aGElmYGYPJ4J:www.leanweb.org/kmlfiles/assc_sinkhole.kml+&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    Went through the docs looking for insurance company name on doc’s, nothing came back> http://ucmwww.dnr.state.la.us/ucmsearch/Doctypes.aspx
    [9:55 PM]

    Got there via Sonris > http://sonris.com/

  3. Yes, I have no love for the insurance industry either! Throw in pharmecueticals too!

    “…but until the extent of the damages, and infiltration to the Salt Dome are honestly assessed, then it is not too much to ask that no more caverns should be created until answers are known.” EXACTLY!!!

    And, “make your voices heard”….yes, yes, YES!!!!

    Thank you, Freedomrox! Great article!

  4. I’m digging hardcore (pun intended 😉 to get you the name of the insurance carriers. I’ve left messages with 2 separate law offices who are representing clients in this matter. Contacting LADNR next, and I’m not opposed to calling Erin B to see if she can has/can get the information for us/you.

  5. I just got off the phone with LADNR. I spoke with Pier Catrou in the “Injection & Mining Division” He stated we can obtain the name of the insurance carrier in 2 ways…

    1) Send a letter requesting the information to LADNR Office of conservation with Attention: “Injection & Mining Division” P.O. Box 94275 Baton Rouge Louisiana, 70804-9275
    Go into the Baton Rouge Louisiana office and request to look at file. The information is contained in the file.

    He said if going into the office to ask for him personally since he’s already aware of this request.

    I’m holding out some hope on call backs from the attorney’s involved. Meanwhile if you have someone in the region that can go into the office to get it I would go ahead and have them do it this morning if possible.

  6. Got a call back from legal assistant, she’s contacting the attorney to get permission to share this information. They work with Erin Brockovich, I’m hoping they’ll be more than eager to see the names of the insurance made available to the public. (As stated earlier this is public information available through the LA DNR office, if I was in the region I would have gone in and gotten it for you, hands are a bit tied from west the west coast, but were almost there. I can feel it)

  7. I just got a call back from Larry Centola of Martzell & Bickford. He stated that there are several insurance companies involved with approximately 5-6 layers of insurance coverage totaling $201,000,000.00 t(Two Hundred and One Million).

    He is not comfortable sharing the names of these insurance companies as he doesn’t know which one of them isn’t cooperating. Which I can understand his point.

    The names of the insurance carriers are available in the record if someone wants to go to the LADNR office to get them.

    If anyone else provides me with the names I will share them ASAP.

  8. OK Bayou Corne Residents, Here we go, but fasten your seat-belts.

    Be prepared for some bull_hit offers. They’ll piss you off real bad!

    Just stay strong. Be firm with Texas Brine the companies making the offers, but most of all be ready to go the distance.

    They think you’re going to fold over for them.

    DON’T DO IT!

    Hold out for a real offer is the best advice I can give you.


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  10. Freedomrox,
    Thanks ever so very, very much for your web site.
    The more I learn about this disaster the worse it gets. The absolute incompetence and the hubris of the attempted cover-ups is beyond belief. Add the moronic, arrogant politicians and the mess stinks to the highest levels. Of course the vile insurance gangs and their bankster pals on Wally Street will do all they can to pay as little as possible. Hell, I would not be surprised if they end up trying to charge the residents of Bayou Corne for this mess, saying that their living there was the main cause of this whole deal. If they had not lived there, there would be no problem. Yeah, and the sun does not appear to rise in the East, and Texas is not over 800 miles across via interstate 10 either.
    In short, the insurance gang, the banksters, Wally Street, and in particular the damn politicians will lie more than cheap rugs. We the people are the only ones we can count on. Thanks to ALL the good people who are doing all they can to keep us informed.

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