Louisiana Sinkhole: Monsters Above, Monsters Below

First Time YT VIdeo




This is the report by Pierre Berest I spoke of in the video.


17 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole: Monsters Above, Monsters Below

  1. Most of the Blue Ribbon Panel are either direct members or a company they work for is a member of the Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI). Texas Brine is a co-founder and member of SMRI. United Brine’s Mark Cartwright, a member of Texas Brine’s management, is also a member. PB Energy is a member. A couple of customers are members of SMRI. DOW Chemical and Gulf South, both of which have an interest in the dome, are members. Joseph Ball with LA Office of Conservation is a member. So, yes, as you’ve pointed out, Texas Brine is investigating Texas Brine.

    It concerns me that evidence has been produced implicating Texas Brine, with permission from LDNR, as using the cavern to dispose of radioactive materials and the continued withdrawal of brine from the cavern throughout the ongoing cavern collapse/sinkhole formation. Some of TB’s customers include Bayer, Formosa Plastics, Georgia Gulf, Olin Chlor Alkali, Shintech and OxyChem. All of these companies make PVC and/or caustic soda used in the manufacture of such things as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, book binders, windows, doors, vinyl siding and many other products that the general population come in contact with everyday. Exposure to the chemicals in these products are bad enough on human health. How much radioactive materials are making it into these products? Should we all be carrying around Geiger counters? Are we feeding radioactive foods to our children? Texas Brine’s customers are some of the largest manufacturers/suppliers in the world. I think it is safe to say that most everyone is surrounded with a multitude of these products 24/7 in our homes and work places. I wonder if any of their building materials were used in the manufacture of all those FEMA trailers that made everyone sick? Well, probably no worry. After all, Louisiana agencies are in charge of the oversight of most of these companies…known worldwide for their above-board, impartial, high ethical standards in regulating the petrochemical industry! They would NEVER let things like number of jobs or dollars influence them when it comes to our safety!

  2. Oh, by the way, I read somewhere (probably the Bugle – can’t remember) that the tailings…tail cuttings? (don’t know if I have the term correct) from the wells are something like 7 times or more radioactive than previously stated. I will see if I can find the article. But, that would certainly cause more concern about radiation levels in the products produced with the brine but also, the amount of exposure to workers. This is not something that I understand very well. I’m guessing most people don’t understand it well either. Makes me quite apprehensive about these products!

    • I’ve brought that very issue up in several articles, and it is admitted by Sonny Cranch. Maybe people there will begin to take more notice of just what is the source of the brine being sold to TB’s customers, especially since they are now talking about expansion.

      • Well, I’m sure that despite the state’s suit against Texas Brine, the residents’ class action suit, Crosstex’s suit and the expanding sinkhole/salt dome dissolution, etc., etc….they will be allowed to expand operations. Because, that is what we do here, in Louisiana. We reward all major energy and petrochemical companies, which are in non-compliance, with expansion permits!!! Williams Olefin…Florida Gas………

  3. What an excellent video.. I in fact also wondered why they don’t just collapse it and fill it with sand or something, I thought it was a foolish idea because surely somebody would have thought of it if it had any value, so I found it interesting to see that, being much better informed than I, you also came to that conclusion.
    I have quite a bad feeling about this situation, even if it’s only left alone.. but I had no idea that they’re actuallhy mining next to it making the whole thing much worse…
    Thanks again for the video!

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